Welcome to McKenna Easy Order

Basic instructions for new McKenna Easy Order Customers.
For more complete instructions click here.

Fill out your information in the "My Information" area:
     * Use your McKenna Pro Account
          * If you do not have a McKenna Pro Account Number, simply enter NEWUSER in the "Account Number" field.

To Use Easy Order:

  1. Select a folder of images.
         Images can be on your hard drive, on a digital camera attached to your
         computer, or on a CD or DVD inserted into your computer.
  2. Select a catalog from the left window.
    Click once on a template or print size thumbnail in the Sizes Pallette to use
    that product.
  3. Drag your images into the selected product.
    To add the item to your order, click ADD TO ORDER. To review and
         complete your order, click REVIEW ORDER.
  4. Click on "Review Order" to check your order.
    This is where you can select further options such as quantities, print
          finish, delivery etc.
  5. Select "Show Order" for a printout of your order.

Click on "Complete Order" to send order to McKenna Pro for processing.