Setting Preferences

Easy Order features a number of Preferences that affect the way that the application behaves.

Search Enclosed Folders

When checked, this causes the Image Area FOLDER control to search the subfolders within the selected folder for images, in addition to just the selected folder.

Auto Rotate Affects Print Size Instead of Image

When checked, a vertical print size will rotate to accomodate a horizontal image and vice versa. When unchecked, the image will rotate to accomodate the print size.

Auto Rotate Counterclockwise

When checked, images will be automatically rotated counterclockwise instead of clockwise when the image is a different orientation than the print size.

Image Application

You can use the button to browse to an image editing application that is installed on your computer (ie. Photoshop). Once you've selected an image editing software, you will be able to right-click (Windows) or CONTROL-click (Mac) on a thumbnail and choose OPEN WITH IMAGE APPLICATION to edit the image file.