Launching Easy Order - Mac Users

Easy Order requires Java from Sun Microsystems to run, and will automatically check to see if you have the proper version installed on your machine.

Macs have Java built in, however, you need to have at least OSX 10.2 in order to run Easy Order. If you have OSX 10.2 or above installed, it is a good idea to download the latest Software Updates from Apple before launching Easy Order to insure that you have the latest version of Java installed for your operating system. To learn how to run Apple Software Updates, click here .

To launch Easy Order for the first time:

There are a few extra steps performed by Easy Order when launching for the first time. Subsequent launches will be much faster, provided that your preferences are not reset.

  1. Visit the Easy Order Launch Page on our website and click on the link provided, or click here to launch Easy Order now.
  2. A new browser window with information about Java will appear, and after a short delay (depending on the speed of your internet connection), you will see a dialog box showing the progress of the download.
  3. You will be asked whether you want to verify the security certificate. Click YES.
  4. A dialog box shows that the application is loading templates and images. Once this process is complete, you will be ready to use Easy Order .

Creating a desktop shortcut to the Easy Order application:

The second time you launch Easy Order, you will be asked whether you want to integrate the application into your desktop environment. Click YES to create a shortcut on your desktop, and to make launching Easy Order quicker in the future. Now and again it is still a good idea to Launch the application from the McKenna Pro web site.