Displaying Images

The image area on the right side of the Easy Order is an interface where the image thumbnails are shown, and includes controls for resizing and rotating the thumbnails. When you choose a folder of images to display in this area, you can easily drag and drop the images into the selected product.

Choosing a folder of images:

  1. Click on the FOLDER button at the bottom of the Image Area.

  2. Browse to a folder of images on your hard drive.
  3. Once you've found the folder you're looking for, select the folder and click OPEN .

Resizing thumbnails:

You can make the thumbnails in the image area larger so that they are easier to view, or smaller so that you can see more at once.

  1. Locate the slider at the bottom of the Image Area.

  2. To make the thumbnails bigger, drag the slider to the right with your mouse. To make the thumbnails smaller, drag the slider to the left.

Selecting thumbnails:

To select one thumbnail , position your mouse cursor over the desired thumbnail, and click once. The thumbnail will be highlighted when it has been selected successfully.

To select a range of thumbnails , hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on the first and last image in the group that you want to select.

To select multiple thumbnails individually , hold down the CONTROL key (Windows) or APPLE key (Mac) while clicking on the thumbnails you want to select.

Organizing thumbnails:

Thumbnails can be rearranged by clicking and dragging a thumbnail above or below another thumbnail in the Image Area.

Other thumbnail viewing options:

When you right-click (Windows) or hold down the CONTROL key and click (Mac) on a thumbnail in the Images Area, a menu of viewing options for the thumbnails will appear.

Show Selected Only
Removes all image thumbnails from the Image Area, except for those selected.

Show All
Shows all images found in the folders, typically used after Show Selected Only to return thumbnails to their original state.

Hide Selected
Removes the selected thumbnails from the Image Area. The original image files are not deleted.

Select All
Selects all thumbnails in the Image Area.

Select Others
Selects all image thumbnails that are not currently selected, and deselects those that were selected.

Select None
Deselects all image thumbnails in the Image Area.

Refreshes the current folder view. This is helpful if you add images to a folder while Easy Order is open, and saves you from having to re-open the desired folder.

Rotate Thumbnail
Rotates the view of the thumbnail. The actual image thumbnail and image itself are not modified.

Open with Image Application
Opens the image file for the selected thumbnail in the image editing application of your choice (ie. Photoshop). Note: You must first specify an image application in the Preferences area.