Creating an Order

There are three primary steps to creating an order with Easy Order: selecting a print size or template product, populating the product with your images, and adding it to your order.

Selecting a Print Size or Template

The Sizes Palette features a large selection of print sizes and templates, organized into tabs by product category.

  1. Browse through the various products by clicking on the tabs in the Sizes Palette to determine which product you want to order.

  2. When you have found a print size or template you are interested in, click once on that product to display it in the Layout Area. Note: If the template contains graphics, it may take a few seconds to load.

Populating a Product

Each print size or template contains at least one placeholder for an image, also known as an image node.

  1. Select one or more images from the Images Area.

Drag and drop or double-click the image(s) into the Layout Area to add them to the selected product.

Adding Products to Your Order

Once your print size or template is complete, simply click the ADD TO ORDER button to include it in your order. You can visit the REVIEW ORDER area to edit order items and complete your order when you are ready.